The Seal and Banner of the Shrines of Babalon system. The Bindu (sperm and menses), Yoni Triangle (vulva) and Star of Babalon (Goddess).

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Shrine Symbol
The Shrine Council

The Shrine Council is made up of Shrine-holders who seek to help administer and oversee the system of Shrines. They have the power to change the Guidelines as may be needed as the system moves forward. They also oversee the approval process of new Shrines, and make sure that all Shrines are conforming to the Guidelines.

The Shrine Council currently consists of Saba Khandroma and Hagia Aureavia.

Saba KhandromaSaba Khandroma

Saba Khandroma is one of the most amazing and transcendent occult performance artists and dancers today. She is the Directore of the Liminal - Ritual Dance Theatre, Director of Spiral Serpent ritual dance community, Shrineholder at Aionia Asteri Shrine and a Shrine Council member of Shrines of Babalon. Saba is a devotee of Babalon, and possesses an amazing ability to channel spiritual energy through dance and ritual. She currently resides in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Photo credit: GW Fotos

Director: Liminal - Ritual Dance Theatre
Manager: Spiral Serpent
Shrine: Babalon Shrine Aionia Asteri
Facebook: Saba Khandroma

Hagia AureaviaHagia Aureavia

Hagia Aureavia founded the Temple of Babalon in the year 2000 as a Mystery School dedicated to the devotion and worship of the incarnation of the Great Liberating Mother who is currently known as Babalon. The Temple is an Ophidian organization and practices Ophidian Thelema. She trains her students in the lost art of the Orphetic Mysteries, Heka and Natura, the Liminal Gateway to the Underworld, and the Rites of Sex and Death. The Hagia is a Priestess of Babalon and a Scarlet Woman, an author, an artist, multiple business owner, a student of naturopathic medicine, a homesteader and a survivalist. She lives off-grid at her home in Ophidia where she runs her Temple and trains her students from around the world.

Website: Temple of Babalon
Publisher: Thelemic Productions
Business: Soma Luna LLC
Facebook: Hagia Aureavia

Past Shrine Council Members

Lupe VasconcelosLupe Vasconcelos

Luciana Lupe Vasconcelos (b.1982) is a brazilian artist whose work plunges on the realms of the mythical, mystical and occult. With a Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts, and a Master's in Visual Culture, Lupe worked as a graphic designer, tattoo artist and children’s book illustrator before start pursuing her own artistic voice. Lupe currently resides in the mountain town of Teresopolis, Brazil.

Website: Luciferovs
Facebook: The Art of Lupe Vasconcelos

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