The Seal and Banner of the Shrines of Babalon system. The Bindu (sperm and menses), Yoni Triangle (vulva) and Star of Babalon (Goddess).

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Cup of Babalon
Shrine List:

There are currently 27 Shrines in 11 countries worldwide:

Abbey of Al Qiyamah

Syracuse, New York USA

Web page

Adesh Shrine

Novi Sad, Serbia

Aetherum Shrine

Teresopolis, Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Private Shrine

Aionia Asteri Shrine

Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Public Shrine

Facebook page

Agape Sisterís Shrine

Lynnwood, Washington USA
Private Shrine

Bet Nawra Shrine

Verona, Italy
Private Shrine

Blue Lodge Shrine

Toronto, Canada
Private Shrine

Blue Star Shrine


Isle of Babalon Shrine

Somerset, UK
Public Shrine
Facebook group

Magus Lair Shrine

Hamilton, New Jersey USA
Public Shrine
Facebook page

Maharlika Shrine

Cebu City, Philippines
Private Shrine

Midian Shrine

Springville, IN USA
Private Shrine

New Avalon Shrine

Hixson, Tennessee USA
Private Shrine

North Country Shrine

Potsdam New York, USA
Public Shrine


Ophidia Shrine

Bloomington, Indiana USA
Public Shrine

Padurea Salbatica Shrine

Garland, Texas USA
Facebook page

R.L. 1401 El Paso Shrine

Canutillo, TX USA
Private Shrine

Rosae Misticae Shrine

Catania, Italy
Private Shrine

Ruby Star Shrine

Kent, Washington, USA
Private Shrine

Sanguine sanctorum

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Public Shrine
Our goal is to penetrate the Mysteries of Babalon, to grow as magical and wise Women
Instagram page

Sauerland Shrine

Finnentrop, Germany
Public Shrine
Facebook page

Scarlet Serpent Shrine

South Penrith. Australia
Private Shrine

Scarlet Woman Shrine

Torrington, CT USA
Public Shrine

Facebook page

Seventh Aire Shrine

Los Angeles, California USA

Shadow Hills Shrine

Nashville, Indiana USA

Shore Line Shrine

Osprey, FL USA

Ten Wisdoms Shrine

Philadelphia, PA USA
Private Shrine
Facebook page

Image: The Cup of Babalon

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