The Seal and Banner of the Shrines of Babalon system. The Bindu (sperm and menses), Yoni Triangle (vulva) and Star of Babalon (Goddess).

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Saba Khandroma PH Angel Silva.
What are Shrines of Babalon?

Shrines of Babalon is an ambitious, new, non-denominational world-wide project to support the spread of the Goddess Babalon and Her energy to all corners of the Earth.

Who can start a Shrine?

Anyone and everyone can start a Shrine in their local area. The Shrine can be public and offer Rites to the people, or private and serve only who you like. There can be more than one Shrine in the same area, to serve different needs and perspectives. All you need is a small space which you can dedicate to the Shrine, and perform the Rites in.

What happens at the Shrines?

Mostly whatever you like, as long as you follow the simple guidelines provided by the Shrine Council. The book, Mystery Babalon: The Bhaktic and Ecstatic Rites of Babalon, contains many types of Rites and rituals which can be performed in your shrine. The Bhaktic Rites are solemn and devotional in nature while the Ecstatic Rites are orgiastic, sensual and wild. There are Rites for solitary people as well as groups of all types, genders and orientations of people. Private Shrines can be a way for a small group of people to share the most intimate experiences possible, and to reconnect meaningfully in a busy distracting world. Public Shrines can become the hub of many underground scenes in your area, fostering many other creative groups and currents. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity and desires. The Shrine is a place to teach, to learn, to listen and to experience the transformative power of Babalon in all Her forms. Let the reciprocity flow.

Do I need any expertise to start a Shrine?

Not at all. All you need is to feel an affinity or a connection to Babalon. That is it. By creating the Shrine, and performing the Rites, you will discover your path and where you need to go. You will meet like-minded people at your Shrine and share experiences that will transform you and those around you. You can keep your Shrine private for as long as you like, or offer special public Rites, when and if you feel ready for that step. The choice is yours.

What if I already belong to another group or order?

That does not matter. The Shrine system is non-denominational, and is intended to bring people together regardless of philosophy, belief or affiliation. It is not an initiatory body, nor does it require any belief system or adherence to certain philosophies - other than the simple Guidelines of the Shrines which are intended to keep everyone safe and within certain thematic parameters concerning Babalon. However, no promotion of, or recruitment for, other groups or orders is allowed within the Shrine system.

What is the Shrine Council?

The Shrine Council is made up of Shrine-holders who seek to help administer and oversee the system of Shrines. They have the power to change the Guidelines as may be needed as the system moves forward. They also oversee the approval process of new Shrines, and make sure that all Shrines are conforming to the Guidelines.

Is there any charge for any of this?

No. The Shrine system is completely voluntary and supported by ones own devotion to Babalon in their own way. While the book Mystery Babalon: The Bhaktic and Ecstatic Rites of Babalon will be available in print for those who desire a hard copy, it will also be made available at cost for Shrineholders. Babalon is for ALL.

Great! How do I get started?

Simply download, print out, sign and return the application listed on the left menu on this site. That is it. In the mean time, feel free to ask any questions you like. You may reach us at or via our Facebook page here.

Image: Saba Khandroma PH Angel Silva.

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